Resolving to try new technology

My first day in the Community Media Lab since the start of 2013 had me thinking about work-related resolutions — specifically, technology-related resolutions.

Each week, I’m going to tackle a new technology tool. I’ll test it out, try to apply it to a real-life situation and then write about it in this space. That could be good, showing that I’m a tech wiz or, well, not so good. If I have time to work with a tech tool, I can usually figure it out and work through the problems. When I’m pressured by time constraints, my results are not as good and I get frustrated. I think many people feel the same way about technology.

Today, due to time constraints, I chose a simple app to try. Called After the Deadline, this app will go through the user’s written work, acting as an editor. When I ran this blog through, I found a couple of spelling errors and areas where I used passive voice. You don’t necessarily need an app to find spelling errors (you should use spell check), but After the Deadline is useful tool for detecting grammar and style issues. I recommend writers of any skill level give it try.


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