Having fun with quora.com

Outside the media lab it may have been rainy and miserable, but inside I was being amused by quora.com.

If you are not familiar with Quora, or new to it like me,  it is an app that allows you to ask or answer questions, all sorts of questions. On the main page today, there was a lot about Starbucks (I’m not sure why) with questions ranging from “Who answered Steve Jobs’s ‘4000 lattes to go’ prank call?” to “What are some little known facts about Starbucks?” One of the answers involved the sizes of the cups, which didn’t seem to be little known to me. The cool, and rather obscure question about Jobs’ prank call went unanswered, which bummed me out. I think I’ll have to Google this and find the answer.

Other questions involved President Obama’s spending money, as in who handles his petty cash and pays his bills. Kind of interesting stuff. There were answers from a former White House staffer and a college instructor.

Quora.com is a cool app if you have some time to kill. I can see where it could be a serious time waster if you don’t have anything specific you want answered. It can be useful if you need suggestions on safe Christmas gifts for kids or are interested in a news story like the Time Person of the Year (Hint: He’s one of two men mentioned in this blog.). Want the answer? Head to quora.com.


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