Background noise

Sirens seem to be part of the background noise in today’s world. That’s a true in larger cities like Ypsilanti and smaller communities like Saline. Oftentimes, I don’t even hear the noise as I go about my day. I live near a fire station, so sirens are just part of my world. Before anyone gets upset, I will clarify that I do listen for emergency vehicles when I’m driving!

This morning, not far from the media lab, a pickup truck struck a local restaurant after a collision with another vehicle. Emergency workers came, including police. While the building will need a new door, it appears no one got hurt. Thankfully, no pedestrians were walking in the area at the time. That kind of amazes me because it was a beautiful morning and there have been people walking past the lab all morning. The car and truck involved also were damaged.


One thought on “Background noise

  1. Wow! Nobody got hurt? That IS amazing! A lot of people seem to be walking around or even hanging around the downtown area along that Michigan Avenue strip.

    While it certainly was NOT a stroke of luck for those damaged vehicles (or their owners), it is a TREMENDOUS stroke of luck that pedestrians were NOT in the wrong place at the wrong time. That really went against high odds.

    I understand what you mean about taking many noises for granted. Only sometimes do those noises really mean anything.

    How can we tell when it’s best to ignore those noises vs. pay attention to them? (I’m still struggling with this one.)

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