Sitting in on the Blogging 101 workshop

During my time today in the Community Media Lab, I attended the Blogging 101 workshop held at 1 p.m. by Monica Drake, the community engagement editor for The Oakland Press. Blogging is something I have an interest in and plan to pursue further in the future. I have my own blog called 8-bit Smirk, which focuses on somewhat old school gaming in particular – although I’ve been negligent with it of late.

Monica reviewed a lot of the basics for someone completely new to the blogging experience, from creating a blog on a site like WordPress or Blogger, setting it up and customizing it, and what to do from there. Information like this and instruction on how to do things like insert photos wasn’t new to me, but the workshop is a great overall resource to anyone who wants to get into blogging.

Beyond that there was also a lot of other good advice I found interesting, like promoting blog posts to increase readership and possibly making money through hosting advertisements on a blog. A video of the presentation and Monica’s slideshow can be viewed online.


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