Going over Storify and experimenting with UMapper in the lab

I was joined again today in the Community Media Lab by Chris Wechner, marketing director for The Ultimate Analyst, for the purpose of introducing Storify and UMapper, a follow up to several weeks ago.

I’m feeling a little rusty with Storify but I have been able to put it to some good use in the past, and I think I was able to go over the basics as well as illustrate the handy Chrome extension I prefer to use with the web-based program. Chris told me he thinks he can go forward and now has some familiarity as a groundwork to play around with the tool to see what it can do.

Our experience with UMapper wasn’t so smooth unfortunately. I kind of introduced myself to the program several weeks back and was very encouraged by the capabilities it offered, but at the time I didn’t notice any limitations the search function would have on the process of identifying locations on a map. I’m not sure if there were any extenuating circumstances like the site experiencing problems, but I had almost no luck getting the search function to pinpoint anything, whether by specific address, intersection or even an overall city. We experimented some with adding in different markers and boundaries in a map, but overall I was very disappointed in a web tool I had been very optimistic about.

During this we also referred to the slideshow on UMapper created by my former colleague, David Veselenak.


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