Teaching iMovie and AP style in the lab

Today I received a visit from Chris Wechner, marketing director for The Ultimate Analyst, who was interested in becoming more familiar with some skills the Community Media Lab is able to teach. He wanted to know more about AP style for the purpose of writing press releases and I tried to familiarize him with some of the most important guidelines, such as how to refer to times, dates and places in different situations.

He was even more interested in finding easier ways and new methods to edit and produce videos, and I gave him a tutorial with how to use iMovie to create videos. I showed the basics and then went into some things Chris was really interested in, like how to insert B-roll using cutaway, creating a freeze frame, and using the Ken Burns effect. Sounds like Chris may return to the lab again soon to receive some instruction with Storify and UMapper.

I’m willing to give the same tutorial with iMovie to anyone who wants to visit the lab in downtown Ypsilanti during my regular shift, 12:30-4 p.m. Wednesdays.

I also did some writing, posting a story about a Ypsilanti home invasion and updated my story on the Ann Arbor library ballot items from yesterday’s election.


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