Writing follow up on vacant apartment building fire and watching webinar today in CML

Today in the Community Media Lab, I worked on a follow up story to a significant fire from Saturday that caused a vacant apartment building to burn down at 1500 Pauline Blvd. in Ann Arbor. Considering nobody was hurt and the building had been scheduled for demolition soon anyway the effect of the fire seems to be minimal, but investigators believe the fire was suspicious and investigation of it is ongoing.

I also watched a webinar by Steve Buttry, Digital First Media and Journal Register Co. digital transformation editor, on different methods of engaging readers using Facebook. Two of the best methods presented to improve engagement are to post photos rather than status updates and to start conversations, such as by using questions rather than statements.

Naturally including links was among the tips. One nugget of information I found interesting was he said including the full URL link was actually preferred to a shortened bitly link, citing a study that found the former received three times as many views. Another tip is that the peak Facebook time for readers to see posts is 1-3 p.m. with more use in the evening rather than the morning. Posts can also have a conversational tone.

More information on the presentation is posted on Steve Buttry’s blog.


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