Last day in the lab

Today is my last day working in the Community Media Lab. Next week, I begin my new job as a web producer for the Detroit Free Press. On my last day, I’ve been thinking about how much the lab has grown since we launched it in April.

In five months, we’ve held numerous workshops, met and helped local readers, learned of new story ideas and are continuing to get the word out about the services we offer. While we may still struggle with getting the projector to work properly, I consider our work at the lab a success.

Five months after our soft launch, I still believe the lab has plenty of room to grow and enormous potential to influence the community. With continued efforts from the staff and word of mouth in the community, I think the lab can be a well-known spot in the community.

Continued promotion efforts on our side will play a vital role in the continued success in the lab, but I’d also like to see our readers take ownership of it. The lab is here to help community members learn social media, digital tools, blogging, and more, and we want them to use it. Pick our brains and let us help you. Stop in for the first time and say hi,check your email, learn a new skill and tell your friends about us. I want the lab to thrive and be an example for papers around the county, but it can’t be done without the support of the community.


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