Multiple assaults over Labor Day weekend in Ann Arbor among today’s writing

Today in the Community Media Lab I was working mainly on catching up on some of the incidents from this last weekend in the Ann Arbor area. It was far from the usual level of activity, as I don’t think I’ve ever covered so many violent assaults that occurred within such a short time frame within one community.

I wrote about some of the most recent incidents that occurred early on Labor Day. One man was assaulted at a house party, another at a business, and a woman was sexually assaulted by a man who groped her while she was out walking.

Two employees of Rick’s American Cafe were assaulted by four suspects while they were taking out the trash Sunday morning.

Finally, I wrote about how six men were denied entry to a fraternity party early Saturday and they began fighting, injuring two people at the location.

Police are looking for multiple suspects across these different cases and anybody who has information can contact police by calling 734-794-6939.

I have even more to post soon on assaults from this weekend in Ann Arbor.


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