Community blogger comes into the lab to learn iMovie

I was visited again today in the Community Media Lab primarily for the purpose of an iMovie tutorial. The visitor’s name is Relando Thompkins and he operates a blog called Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian. He writes on topics such as equity and social justice. A more specific example is a series of posts he is doing called “The People Who Inspire”, which he said he is doing to help draw attention to the positive efforts some individuals are making within their communities.

Relando was overall interested in the Community Media Lab and what it offers, and his interests seem very much along the reasons the lab was started in the first place: to promote community journalism and teach new digital tools. He was interested in learning new skills to augment his current community coverage and was most interested in adding film and video to his efforts. Relando had heard about the lab through this blog and was interested in learning the video editing program iMovie, which is something the lab offers.

As I’ve written before I believe it’s a good tool, one that I feel is both easy to use and easy to learn. Relando also wrote down the websites of some digital tools and in particular I explained a bit about what Storify is. As an example, I showed him the story I’d finished earlier on a tragic accident that took the lives of two young Belleville women, and the Storify that Heritage Media community engagement editor Tanya Wildt created from some Twitter posts about this loss.


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