Researching the death of languages, cultures in the CML

ImageWorking a full-day shift in the Community Media Lab the day before a national holiday — I knew it would be a little slow.

Luckily, I got to unload my backpack and expand my (rather cluttered) workstation. I’ve been able to focus on writing an interesting piece about The LINGUIST List, a group of Eastern Michigan University linguists and researchers and their crusade to save dying languages. Very, very interesting!

Granted, I’m waiting for a few contacts to get back to me, it’s been an informative and research-heavy morning. Here’s a quick taste of the rough draft:

“There’s an epidemic spreading across the world with more than 3,000 potential casualties and counting.

This particular epidemic, however, isn’t causing the deaths of people – it’s the extinction of languages, cultures and history from all over the globe.

Of the 7,000 spoken languages, more than 3,000 languages are considered endangered, nearly all of which are expected to go from endangered to extinct within the next century.

In effort to catalog, preserve and spread awareness of dying languages and its cultures, linguist research groups from Eastern Michigan University and the University of Hawaii at Manoa have teamed up with Google for the Endangered Languages Project.”

Now back to more writing and research! Check later this week for the full story on EMU’s The LINGUIST List.


Danny Shaw

Multimedia Journalist

Heritage Newspapers


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