Another day of writing in the lab

Another quiet Wednesday in the Community Media Lab, another chance to get some writing done.

First thing I did was update a sad story I first posted this morning about a woman who was killed while bicycling on Territorial Road near Dexter-Pinckney Road in Dexter yesterday afternoon. The county sheriff’s office is saying the Chelsea man who struck her with his vehicle did so accidentally when she re-entered the roadway against traffic. It is still under investigation.

While there are not typically happy stories on the crime beat, there are some more positive than others where the bad guys are caught. That may be the case in the follow up to the robbery of PNC Bank yesterday in Ypsilanti Township. The sheriff’s office informed me today that suspects believed to be involved in the robbery are in custody. Unfortunately for the bank, this is the second robbery so far this year at its Rawsonville Road location.

Ann Arbor police are advising residents to make sure their homes are secure by locking their doors and windows. A home invasion earlier this week in which car parts were stolen out of a house is just one of several recent home invasions in the recent.

I also wrote about a home invasion in the West Willow neighborhood of Ypsilanti Township.

Finally, I have also been pecking away at a story I’ve yet to complete on lawsuits brought against the city of Ann Arbor by the owners of Dream Nightclub.


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