It’s election season!

Today was fairly quiet at the Community Media Lab, which was actually great for me because fellow government reporter Sean Dalton and I have been spending the last month getting election coverage rolling.

We’ve sent out questionnaires to each candidate in all of the elections in Washtenaw County (around 300, including townships!). As the deadline for submission came and went, we found ourselves with less than we anticipated. So we extended the deadline and began going through each of the questionnaires we already had.

As I was (and still am) working on this, I can’t help but to think how awfully confusing election years can be, especially for those who aren’t heavily involved in politics. So I’d like to share one resource with you all that will help you sort out who’s vying for what and when and who you’re voting for in the August primaries. is especially helpful at figuring everything out. On there you can look up if you’re registered, find where you need to vote, what’s on the upcoming ballot and who’s running for what by simply plugging in your name, birth month and zip code.

The website shows you where you’re registered, what elections are coming up, who’s running for what office and what millages are on the ballot all in one place.



Just plug in your personal information.


It’s nice to have a comprehensive place to find information like this. The website also features information on absentee ballots, finding your local clerk, statewide ballot issues and volunteering. Definitely a helpful tool during election season, journalist or not. Now you have no excuse not to vote!

Remember, I’m stationed in the Community Media Lab from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Monday. You can reach me at or on Twitter @kgjestland.


One thought on “It’s election season!

  1. The link in the above story did not work for me: But I did find this site:

    Also, I am definitely interested in the local races and it is disappointing that you have not received more responses to your survey.

    After looking at my sample ballot, I am feeling extremely disappointed. As a conservative voter I would normally vote Republican in the primary. But this year, there are no Republicans running for any of the Ypsilanti Township offices. That effectively means that the general election for Township government is being held in August and is closed to voters who vote Republican. And I have to choose between voting for a Republican Congressional candidate or voting for my preferred Township government candidate. That really stinks.

    I think they should change the law to forbid party voting in any race for office where no opposition party is on the ballot.

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