Emphazising “Community” in the Community Media Lab

While sitting in the Community Media Lab, I realized something exciting: This is an opportunity not only for me to have fun teaching some cool social and multimedia stuff, but an opportunity to engage with such a unique community.

I went to Eastern Michigan University, but I didn’t get too many chances to engage with the surrounding community. Even with my stint as a reporter for AnnArbor.com I didn’t have too many chances to interact with the readers. So please, come on in!

My first day experience:

A man came in to speak with the nice people at Spark East about opening a business in Ypsilanti. As he left, I rushed out the door and caught him on the street. I wanted him to know how we could help him.

Want to write a press release for your new business? Stop by, we’ll help you. How about putting together a multi-media presentation with photos and video? Come on in. Have a great blog idea and just itching to write it up? Please see us! We have someone posted in the lab Monday through Friday, all day until 4 p.m.

As for me, I’m here Tuesdays from noon to 4 p.m., so come in and visit. If you ever feel like having a conversation about yesterday’s big story, or think you know a big story for tomorrow, throw some conversation at me. I’ll throw plenty of conversation back.


Danny Shaw

Education Reporter

Heritage Media


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