What is the value of a fan?

With Facebook rolling out a variety of changes lately to its overall UI, today I sat in on one of the company’s webinars.

ImageToday’s webinar focused specifically on how promoted posts on pages will work on Facebook and how page administrators can use them to engage more with fans, or the users who “like” their page.
Highlights of the webinar included stats such as the fact that there are more than 901 million users on Facebook who comment and like something more than 3.2 million times per day.
With that stat in mind, Facebook reps on the webinar explained that amount of traffic means that Facebook now limits the total amount of stories that shows up in individuals’ news feeds.
That’s where promoted posts come in, they said.
Using the new concept is fairly simple. After posting a piece of content, whether it’s a status, photo or video, a page administrator has the option of clicking “promote” below that post. The option cost $5 per promotion.
Facebook reps say that post will be featured on more people’s pages and be more visible overall than a nonpromoted post might be.
For example, as a page administrator of the Chelsea Standard and Dexter Leader Facebook page, when I click on promote for a post, the estimated reach is 1,100 people. That’s versus the 521 “likes” my page currently has.
Facebook reps on the webinar said the idea behind promoted posts is for a page admin to be able to say that one post is really important in comparison to others. it’s not something you’ll use for every post or every day, but it’s a good tool to have.
And the only difference between a normal post in a newsfeed and a “promoted” post is that there will be a small bit of gray text underneath the post stating “Sponsored.”
Promoted posts are only available right now for pages with more than 400 fans/likes and less than 100,000.
Since Facebook has just started with the rollout of promoted posts, the webinar also gave out a help page for anyone who needed more information at: facebook.com/help/promote.
So, what do you think? Would you promote a post?


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