Become a blogging partner with Heritage Media

We’re always looking for new blogs to link to in our blog center and want to become partners with existing bloggers or people interested in starting a blog. To that end, I’ve pasted below the email I send to people who are interested to get them started. Check it out and if you want to become a community blogger linked on our site, email


There are numerous Internet sites that can host your blog:,, and WordPress, to name a few. Check them out and determine which one you’re most comfortable with. I prefer WordPress, where you’ll get stats of how many people are reading your blog daily and you can set up slide shows, add videos and photos.


Once you have figured out where to host your site, start posting. A good initial first post is a simple introduction of yourself, your topic and what your readers can expect by reading your blog. The post will stay around forever, so it’s a good primer for someone who finds your blog on its first day of operation or two months from now.

Don’t set your expectations too high. New blogs often have a slow start. If you log on and see you have no comments posted, don’t feel as if you’re a bad blogger or that you did something wrong. Give it time and things should pick up.

Once your initial post is up and you’re ready for the world to see what you have to offer, email us with some basic information: your name, your blog name, the link to your blog and the best way of contacting you (cellphone, email, etc). Please send the info to


Once we receive word that your blog is live, we will begin working on getting your site linked to our website.

In exchange for us linking to your blog, we ask that you allow us to post a news widget on your site which will provide your audience with the latest headlines from our newspaper. Once you’re linked on our site, please add our headline widget to your blog.

In order to keep your readers engaged, we ask that you please post at least two new messages a week on your blog, while checking in daily for comments and reader feedback. The worst thing for a reader is to come across a blog that hasn’t been updated in months. You’re almost guaranteed to have lost that person’s interest for good.

To keep with Heritage’s standards, we ask that your blog be informational and not promotional. If you are blogging about the profession you have, please do not turn your blog into a customer recruitment tool where you are posting the latest offerings you have. Feel free to create a separate blog for your customers, but please share with us only the one that is informational.


If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., be sure to spread the word that you’ve started a blog. If you don’t have social networking pages, consider creating them to help get your message out. Also, if you belong to social clubs, nonprofit organizations, houses of worship, etc., check to see if they have bulletins where you can announce your blog. The more people visiting your site, the more fun it will be for everyone.

As your blog develops, please share with us any hot topics that develop. If one of your posts gets a large amount of comments, please email us and let us know about it. We will be highlighting our bloggers both in print and online and may want to reproduce one of your blogs that has gotten a lot of feedback.

Thanks again for taking the time to get involved and for joining our online platform. We look forward to a great working relationship that is beneficial to all of us. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Here are some blog examples in our Blog Center.

This is my WordPress blog.

If you do use WordPress, below is what you need to add our headline feeds.

log in to wordPress

> Go to my dashboard

> Click on Appearance

> Click on Widgets

> Drag RSS onto the side bar

> Click on the RSS box to open it

> Paste in the rss feed

> Type or paste a Title: News from, Click Save, Click close


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