Trying to lend a hand

Shortly after I took over for Sean Dalton in the Community Media Lab on Tuesday afternoon, Mark Olexa visited the lab. He said he represents a number of different groups in the Dexter area and is interested in communicating better with the media. It wasn’t his first visit as he had spoken to managing editor Michelle Rogers, former online coordinator David Veselenak and Sean before. I got the impression he was hoping to touch base with Sean again, but I offered to help with familiarizing him with AP style. He indicated he may be emailing me some writing to look through and I suggested we could go through it together at another time.

Mark couldn’t stay long, so I used my time after that to complete a few stories. One was an update to the condition of a married couple from Saline whose small two-seat plane crashed Friday in Pittsfield Township. Another was on Milan’s search for a police chief, which has now unofficially been selected.

Ann Arbor Journal freelance writer Leslie McGraw came by at 3 p.m. Tuesday after I offered to help her learn iMovie to edit videos since we had settled on that time to do so. I think I was able to teach her a few things successfully, but we ran into problems when it came to importing one of the video files she was interested in working with. There’s still a lot we didn’t cover so perhaps the lessons will be continued another time.


I was also in the Community Media Lab this morning, because Amy Bell had asked me to switch shifts there with her. Nobody came by today so I was able to concentrate on getting some stories finished. I first posted a story about a suspect Ann Arbor police arrested for the armed robbery of Broadway Party Store. Next, what could have been a tragic story turned into one of a timely rescue of a 10-year-old boy who nearly drowned in Independence Lake. The last story I did there was on some women canoeists who happened upon an older man who took off his shorts and began dancing naked toward them.

Finally, I prepared my weekly blotter video and filmed it while I was at the lab in SPARK East. I’ll link to it once it’s up, although uploading it seems to be going kind of slow right now.


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