Getting things done in the media lab

Tuesdays are a great day to be in the media lab, since crime beat reporter Ben Baird and I usually meet up at about noon or so to put together the weekly crime blotter video.

Anyone who wants to come into the media lab and learn how to use a free teleprompter that can be installed on any computer, laptop or other device. A newscast video is hard to do off the cuff (trust me, I’ve tried).

Today was mostly a writing day. I wrote a story on a remarkable girl with a disorder that had her in a wheelchair four years ago. Now she’s running in marathons and playing on the national netball team.

See for that and other stories I wrote today, including a story on Dexter’s Yellow Door charity to raise funds for public art displays in the village and another story on Arbor Brewing Company’s plans to expand in Fenton, if that town’s DDA likes their proposal to build out an abandoned brick structure that the authority wants to sell.

As always, anybody who wants to come in and learn about writing or be interviewed for a neat feature story is encouraged to come to the lab Tuesday mornings for my tutelage or reporting attention.


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