Donation from The Eastern Echo to aid Community Media Lab

While I didn’t have an opportunity today to work with anyone in the Community Media Lab, my time was well spent. The highlight of my day was a visit from Kevin Devine, adviser to The Eastern Echo, the student newspaper serving Eastern Michigan University. And, best of all, Kevin came bearing gifts.

As part of our partnership with The Echo and the student newspaper’s support of our efforts in the Community Media Lab, two Macs no longer in use at the Echo were donated so we can teach labbers how to edit and produce video. One is already set up and the other will be backup. Both computers have iMovie, the same program we use at Heritage Media to produce video for our website. Our multimedia journalists are well-versed in it and will have no problem showing any visitor to the lab how to use it.

So, if you have video clips on your camera or a series of photos from an event and you don’t feel confident stitching them together on your own, please feel free to stop by between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at our Community Media Lab, 215 W. Michigan Ave., in Ypsilanti. We will be happy to help you create it and learn a new digital tool.

Besides producing video, we can teach you a variety of skills, from basic reporting and editing to creating phonecasts, locator maps, data visualization elements and photo slideshows to sound slideshows using Google Voice and help you set up social media accounts or manage them using HootSuite.



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