Write, edit, re-read, repeat. Write, edit, re-read, repeat.

I am working at the Community Media Lab today, covering Tanya Wildt’s shift as she is on a well-deserved vacation. So, this is two blog posts in a row for me!

I spent a majority of my time working on an article about Right Start, a report from the Michigan League of Human Services that evaluates counties, states and the U.S. in terms rates of teen pregnancy and percentages of repeat teen mothers, among other things. Washtenaw County is ranked 9th overall, with Luce County in the Upper Peninsula coming in last.

Another part of my day consisted of helping Johntavis Hayes with his most recent blog post, “Ypsilanti District Library Teen Advisory Group.” Hayes is the author of  “Working with Habitat for Humanity” blog, which coworker, Krista Gjestland, and I helped him create. I helped him edit the post for grammar, spelling and clarity. I am definitely not a teacher by trade, but he was certainly patient and we both put together what I think is a fairly clearly written post about his many volunteer activities. I must say, it sure is refreshing to see a 17-year-old kid have so much enthusiasm about helping his community. Go Johntavis!

Next week I will return to my normal Wednesday shift, which is 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Stop by and see me!


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