Survey says!

Today I worked on a followup story to what Chelsea’s Downtown Development Authority is doing with the Longworth property. This morning the authority set two meetings dates to interview both the potential developers and to make a final decision on whether to redevelop the site.

To see where the public was at with this important decision on the historic site, I set up and embedded a poll asking readers what they would do with the Longworth. So far, all votes have gone toward a development proposal set forth by the Longworth Development Company, comprised of the Chelsea Connection LLC, Kadushin Associates, Alexander Pollock, Dangerous Architect and JC Beal Construction.

The development would include a restaurant from the same owners of Red Hawk and Casey’s Tavern as well as upstairs lofts and a pottery studio.

A second development would include 20 housing units and a retail space.

Whatever the DDA’s decision, which might be neither proposal, it certainly is exciting to see interest in the Longworth, which includes three historic buildings just south of the tracks on Main Street.


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