Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in the Community Media Lab

This is police and court reporter Ben Baird checking in on my time spent in the Community Media Lab at SPARK East in downtown Ypsilanti.

One of the main stories I worked on today was about a Crime Stoppers program called Stand Up Speak Up. The sheriff’s office is looking to partner will places of worship in Washtenaw County to help engage the community. I also spent a bit of time updating a sad story, first posted this morning, about a 17-year-old who died in a traffic accident on I-94 in Lima Township.

Yesterday I was also in the Community Media Lab in the absence of David Veselenak, who is certainly missed now that he’s gone on to another job. I did my weekly police blotter video with Sean Dalton in the lab, which can be watched here. Beyond that I mostly worked on a story that combined the tale of two quite different crimes with a common element that the suspect was identified by police by a cell phone and wallet, respectively, left behind at the scene of the crime.

I’ll be in the lab again next Wednesday afternoon and mostly likely Tuesday afternoon again too, for anyone who wants to drop by.


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