EMU’s Educational Media and Technology Dept. adopts Community Media Lab

Shortly after 7 p.m. Thursday, I received an email from Eastern Michigan University professor Michael McVey. It was just three sentences long, but those three sentences will result in an exciting opportunity for the Community Media Lab that will help shape its future.

We had a meeting of my program today and we would like to adopt the Ypsilanti Community Lab and run regular series of workshops: Audacity, blog basics, and video editing. I suggested a few of us do a road trip tomorrow to check it out. –Michael M

And, sure enough and true to his word, on Friday, while I was in the Community Media Lab, Michael and two colleagues from Eastern Michigan University’s Educational Media and Technology Department stopped in for a tour and to chat about a partnership — or, as Michael puts it, their “adoption” of the Community Media Lab. Professors Toni Stokes Jones and Nancy Copeland shared their excitement about teaching a variety of workshops, and suggested I survey our readers to prioritize which workshops to offer first. From editing video and audio to designing wikis to building web pages and creating surveys using Google Docs to conducting workshops on productivity software such as Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Prezi, they are willing to teach it all.

Their visit was the highlight of my day at the Community Media Lab. As they left, I asked Michael to send me an email noting their intentions so I could share it on my blog. Here’s what he came up with:

In an effort to become more engaged with the Ypsilanti community, home to Eastern Michigan University, faculty from the Educational Media and Technology program offered to help with the Ypsilanti Community Media Lab in any way they could. During a recent visit to the location, faculty members Nancy Copeland, Toni Stokes Jones, and Michael McVey (also an occasional columnist for us) expressed an interest in running workshops on blog development, podcasting, video editing, using Google Docs for collaborative writing, and making online surveys. As part of  the College of Education, the EDMT program helps to train new teachers in the use of new and emerging technologies in the classroom. They also run an online master’s degree program.

Now it’s my job to create and distribute a survey to discover what potential participants will be interested in so we can start taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I plan to use Survey Monkey, but here’s one using Poll Daddy.



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