I’d take a class on email management, would you?

Do you have a lot of email? I sure do.

I’ve been inspired to get my email inbox cleaned up after talking with a Dexter resident that stopped by the lab this afternoon.

We talked for a while on AP and news-writing style, and the discussion led quickly to email organization. His email was loaded with conversations pertaining to a multitude of different organizations, and he was looking for a better way to stay organized.

Thankfully, Gmail, my preferred email client, has some built-in organization tools, ones I myself have been trying to use more. Using labels, you’re able to sort through items that are relevant, and any incoming messages with certain terms, email addresses or messages can have the label applied, so you know where all messages pertaining to that subject.

For example, I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment with a friend. I’ve begun using labels to keep everything organized for the apartment under the label “Apartment Stuff.” This includes correspondence with him, as well as messages sent to and from the apartment complex. I’m even having my bills come in labeled under “Apartment Stuff.” So far, it’s nice to have everything in one place.

There are several guides to using this system. Here’s one Guiding Tech did that explains the label process pretty well.

While I cannot do this (today is my last day at Heritage Media), I would think a course at the lab on email management would be a great idea. I’ll pass this post along to Michelle and see if there’s anyone interested in doing one. It’s a problem we’ve gotten into a habit with in today’s society, and even learning a few tricks and tips would be helpful not just for journalists, but business owners, public relations specialists and those in education.


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