Writing mode

It was again a quiet Wednesday afternoon in the Community Media Lab, so I used the time to get caught up on some recent stories. I spent the morning in information gathering mode, so I had a good amount of notes to work from when I came in to go into writing mode.

First I completed a story on yet another arson incident under investigation in Ypsilanti Township. This time it was a vehicle fire, while the other two recent fires were at vacant buildings on April 17 and April 21. All were around the West Willow neighborhood. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office is investigating all three incidents, which are possibly linked.

Shortly after posting the story, there was a community advisory posted by the sheriff’s office on Nixle of an indecent exposure in Lodi Township, which I wrote from to post on Heritage.com.

Finally, I completed a story on a former University of Michigan student who has been missing since Saturday. His name is Brice Moss and he drives a tan 1999 Lincoln Town Car with a license plate number of BEF2737. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact Ann Arbor police by calling 734-794-6900.

I talked to Augusta Township Supervisor Pete Hafler earlier and I plan to add some comments from him soon to a story on the township clerk being charged with eavesdropping, which was posted yesterday.

That’s all for now, so if you’re interested in the Community Media Lab come by and see what it has to offer, such computer stations to blog from.


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