Blogging for the ages

My time in the lab today was spent helping a young man with a blog post.

Johntavis Hayes, 17, a member of Ypsilanti Public School’s Ypsilanti’s Positive Success Initiative was looking to write a post on his blog and wanted help finding a topic.

My co-worker, Krista Gjestland, had helped him create a blog in the lab this past Monday.

Hayes is an active member of The Corner Health Center, among several other organizations, so he decided to write about the center. He is attempting to ramp up his already extensive knowledge of social media outlets in an attempt to secure a summer internship as a social media intern.

After figuring out a topic, Hayes wrote the post and I helped him edit it for punctuation and grammar. Click here to view his blog:

I also spoke with one of his teachers for a bit regarding the possible organization of a future presentation on generating blog traffic.

Other than helping Hayes, my time in the lab was spent going through my massive amounts of email and organizing my week, as this is my first day back from vacation.


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