Cloud storage: what’s the best service to use?

I started writing this post last week, but I changed my subject matter last week at the last second. So, I’m returning a week later, hopefully with some new insight:

I’ve been investigating the release of Google Drive, the worst-kept secret in the tech world right now.

What is Google Drive? It is a cloud-storage program, designed to hold documents, photos, spreadsheets, videos and other items. It’s similar to Google Docs, if you’ve used those before. It launched last Tuesday to much fanfare.

The advantage with the app (as well as many others) is the ability to pull documents and other items from different platforms and access them anywhere, including your smartphone, tablet or other computers.

Drive is the next-in-line of many of the cloud-based synchronization services that is out there (Some people are saying it’s a little late to the party). There are many other tools, the most popular being DropBox, Box and Skydrive, to name a few. LG is planning on launching a service as well today.

I’ve found so far that each has strengths and can be used for different things. I’ve used Drive as a storage area for bigger documents and spreadsheets, such as wedding planning. It’s easy to update a spreadsheet on the go using Google Docs and Drive. I use Box mostly for photos, since I was able to snag 50 gigabytes for free. And Evernote is my go-to for quick notes, stories, photos and links, since I use it frequently on my phone.

The real question I have is: How can these tools be better used in community news?

An obvious answer is to have a community “drop box” so to speak: a public space for community members to share information.

How do you use file-synch systems, and which one do you prefer?


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