Digital storytelling and liveblogging with social media guru Steve Buttry

Steve Buttry, social media guru and director of community engagement for Digital First Media, is at the Community Media Lab teaching a workshop on digital storytelling and liveblogging. He started by asking an audience of 11 to introduce themselves, describe what they do and what upcoming stories they have coming up.

He suggested reporters ask themselves to consider while working on their stories:

  • What are the potential multimedia elements of your story

    Tanya Wildt and David Veselenak at the workshop conducted by social media guru Steve Buttry.

  • How can a map help tell your story
  • How can you engage the community
  • Can you cover the story live
  • What links will provide greater depth
  • Can data provide depth, perspective
  • What form will tell this story
  • What content should you curate
  • You may not use all, but want to weigh what would apply in your circumstance while covering astory.

Multimedia elements include photos (galleries, time lapses, audio slideshow, submitted, social, media,); videos (raw, edited, in story, webcam, webcast, security cameras, user-submitted, social media, link to video); animation; audio; and bring it all together.

We need to put photos and video into our reporting. Looking at what is our there and curating it to enhance our storytelling.

Steve referenced Heritage Media-West’s coverage of the tornado touchdown in Dexter and talked about how a map can help such reporting. He gave an example of a map from a county assessor’s office. Using a before pictures of parcels in the community, a photographer can shoot the property after the tornado and share before and after photos. In another example, security camera footage can be used of the devastation.

Liveblogging allows a weekly to become immediate. Buttry says liveblog as the story happens using C

overItLive, ScribbleLive, update story/blog; live tweet and feed into liveblog; livestream with webcasts, feed tweets into blog/story using a widget; live data; and text alerts.

Steve talked about team liveblog in which we can provide a play-by-play; provide commentary; live tweet via #liveblog; find and add links; photos; moderate questions.

Liveblogging situations include breaking stories, meetings, festivals and events, trials, daylong cov

erage such as Election Day, sporting events and live chat.



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