Making friends at the Community Media Lab

While most of my time at the Community Media Lab today was spent editing stories, sizing photos for the website and posting content online, I did have two visitors — one scheduled and one surprise. A second scheduled meeting was a no-show, but my surprise visitor more than made up for the disappointment.

Ed Vielmetti, former lead blogger for and an editor for ArborWiki, who wears many other hats and has so many interests that it can be quite overwhelming getting up to speed on all of them, was my surprise visitor. He wandered into the SPARK-East building looking to update the business incubator’s information on ArborWiki. He introduced himself to me, while I worked in the lobby area that we use for our Community Media Lab, and our conversation took an interesting and exciting turn as we talked about possible partnerships. From adding his blog to our blog roll to teaching a workshop, Ed seemed enthusiastic about my suggestions on how he could become involved in the Community Media Lab. In particular, I would love to see him teach a workshop on how to contribute to ArborWiki and use it as a community resource. My only interaction with

Ed Vielmetti was a visitor Friday at the Heritage Community Media Lab.

ArborWiki has been to update my professional profile, and I never thought of turning to it for photographs or information for Heritage Media. Sometimes, the obvious isn’t so obvious when you’re caught up in your daily grind and routine. All I can say is, Duh!

I hope Ed does lead a workshop because I will be the first to sign up. And I hope he visits the lab more often. Whether it’s to work one-on-one with students or other members of the community or just chat, he is someone we can all learn a lot from. Check out his blog by clicking here.

Rose Martin, former director of Peace Neighborhood Center in Ann Arbor and founder of Rose’s Good Company, was my other visitor today. While I have read about Rose’s good deeds for decades, I first talked to her a few months ago after she called me at Heritage Media. I can’t remember exactly what she called for — I a

Rose Martin has her own blog now and absolutely loves it.

m guessing to share some information for a possible story or contribute to our publications — but I do remember suggesting she should start a blog to share her voice, experiences and perspective. She embraced the idea and has been on our blog roll ever since.

Rose came in to thank me for suggesting she become a blogger. I was touched by her words, as she shared with me how much personal satisfaction she gets from it. I am glad to see Rose embrace writing and publishing in the digital age. We talked about her work with Rose’s Good Company and, as a result, I see so much more potential for her to share stories. But, most importantly, I think we need to develop ways to promote her blog. We talked about her returning to the Community Media Lab, so we can help her set up a Twitter account. She already is on Facebook and has a website. Twitter is the next logical step.

I return to the Community Media Lab next Friday, and I look forward to making new friends and helping people share their voice, skills and talent. I have found that I usually learn as much from them — and sometimes more — as they learn from me.


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