By the numbers

Last month, Journal Register Company, a part of Digital First Media, and ProPublica announced a partnership whereby all of JRC’s news outlets have early access to ProPublica’s news databases.

If you’re unfamiliar with ProPublica, they’re a rather impressive group. It’s a nonprofit in New York City that produces investigative journalism for the public’s interest. ProPublica was the first online news service to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize in 2010.

Our first project with them focuses on kidney dialysis and “the high cost and hidden perils” of the medical treatment. What the group has done is create an easy-to-read data spread of dialysis facilities, searchable by zip codes.

I’ve spent the afternoon today at the Community Media Lab at SPARK-East crunching these numbers and looking for trends in the figures.

What I would love to know from you, dear reader, is what do you think is an important issue or aspect of dialysis? Do you know someone undergoing the treatment? Let me know! A personal perspective would really help me get a good foothold on these numbers.


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