Fatal accident in Monroe County and drug bust in Pittsfield Township

It was quiet this afternoon in the Community Media Lab, except for several workers doing some sort of maintenance in the lobby, so I continued working on two stories I was covering. As is often the case in the police and court beat, both were of a serious nature.

The first story was about a Belleville man who died yesterday night on I-75 in Monroe County after the pickup truck he was in was struck by another vehicle. He was thrown from the vehicle after it hit the center median. A sad and unfortunate incident.

The second story I completed was a followup to a drug bust that occurred yesterday in Pittsfield Township after a suspected marijuana growing operation was discovered inside a nail salon inside Meijer on Carpenter Road. Police seized more than 70 marijuana plants and it seems like there will now be a lengthy investigation.

I also looked into creating word clouds on Many Eyes. I’d heard about doing this before but I never went through the process myself, but I found it to be very easy. I’m not sure how often I’ll have cause to play around with it, but I figured I’d add one more tool to what I can help teach at the Community Media Lab.


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