Homeschool Kids in the Media Lab

Today I had a blast in the Community Media Lab working with Rita Fischer and her two sons, D.J. and Rigglee, who are homeschooled. The family volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol Michigan Wing and wanted to set up a blog about their adventures. We set up an account for them on WordPress, where they filled out profile information, uploaded aerial photos of the Dexter tornado aftermath and added contributors to the blog. The blog will be a great outlet for them to share their experiences with people who may not be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol and its mission. We may add the blog to our blog roll at after they finetune it. I also suggested they set up a Twitter account to help publicize it. They plan to return soon to the Community Media Lab, and I look forward to working with them. It’s exciting to see kids energized about technology and ways to communicate with the world, while also creating a space where they can express their ideas and share their passions and skills. Check out their blog and amazing photos of Dexter, Mich.

On April 13, I helped the Fischer family set up a blog.



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