How can I help you?

Well, here it is. My first blog post while working at the Community Media Lab.

Today has been a bit quiet but that has helped so I could get a bit of work done. Right now I’m researching a few health topics that are taking up a lot of my time but I am hoping all of the hard work will pay off.

Following the lead of one of my coworkers, I will start off by giving you a little background on myself and how I feel I can help add to the Community Media Lab.

I have a pretty diverse background in journalism ranging from a freelance, general assignment writer to editor to health and environment reporter, which is what I do now.

If you ask any of my coworkers or friends, they will all tell you I’m passionate about health and wellness. In fact, one of my coworkers jokingly refers to me as his “life coach”. See what I mean?

I am originally from western Michigan and have been amazed at the enthusiasm behind the local food movement here in Washtenaw County, it’s like none I’ve ever seen. As a health reporter, I am highly interested in exploring more of the food culture whether it’s talking about new and interesting ideas on reducing food disparities to educating the community on preventing diabetes, I am interested in it all.

I have started blogging about my interests on the A2 Journal blog and am interested in creating my own, which will still be on the Heritage Media website. Before I do that, I’d like to get feedback from the community on what types of things you’d like to learn about because if you’re not interested in it, obviously you’re not going to want to read about it.

Let me know what you’d like to read about. Or if you know of an upcoming event in Washtenaw County that you think I’d be interested in, tell me about that as well. Feel free to comment on this post or email me at Last but not least, you can always come see me at the Community Media Lab at 215 Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti. I’ll be here every Wednesday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., with the exception of April 25, as I will be on vacation. California, here I come!!!!


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