Mondays in the lab

Today is my first full day manning the new Heritage Community Media Lab in Downtown Ypsilanti. Since this is all brand new and we’re all learning the ropes as we go, I thought it’d be helpful to make my first post a little bit about me and how I can help you in the lab.

At Heritage I cover government as well as the general assignment beat. In addition to writing articles, I also dabble in photography, videography and using various digital tools to enhance the online product.

Most of my photography and videography skills are self-taught, and I am by no means an expert. But I can help you get started on using both tools for journalism (and for fun).

I use Nikon D300 and D5100 Digital SLR cameras personally and professionally, though I am not anti-Canon. I’m more familiar with Nikons, but if you have a Canon and need help I am willing to do what I can and we can learn a bit together.

I can help you learn how to frame, shoot and edit photos and video. I personally use iMovie, but I have experience using Final Cut Express as well. I have a little experience using Window Movie Maker as well, but not much.

As for digital tools, I can help you learn how to use Scribd to embed documents into your article or website, create a Storify of tweets, use Facebook and Twitter and embed audio using iPadio. I can also help you learn how to create a blog using WordPress or Blogger.

If you’re interested in basic news reporting or journalism ethics, I’m available to help you understand how we do our jobs as journalists. I also have a background in editing, so if you’d like your work edited or critiqued for AP Style, come see me.

So stop in to the Community Media Lab any time 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays for help on any of this, or for a nice philosophical chat on modern journalism.

Follow my work on Twitter @kgjestland or on


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